Non-Jewish Cat

This post isn't about a non-Jewish cat, but it was the only thing that came to mind to title it.

I'm honestly too tired to be too detailed, but I felt like updating a bit.
Yesterday I went to the Arts Festival with Mason, his sister, her husband and kiddo. It was nice; I bought a few art pieces, we ate at a chocolate factory, went to a frozen yogurt shoppe and ate that, and went to Barnes and Noble and bought too much money worth of stuff. I just checked my account, actually, and I only have $29 left out of my paycheck. I need to keep track of my money better...
We went to see my grandma on Saturday, and it was nice because I got to cuddle cute animals, make brownies and pizza, play sorry with the cousins, introduce them to "Red," one of my favorite comedy movies lately, and actually have a full, meaningful conversation with my grandma (who got diagnosed with Alzheimers recently). The drive there and back was good; Ethan and Owen went with me, and we listened to random music the entire way there and back.
I get to go to Scarborough Faire on Saturday with Mason and his family.
I'm working on editing a potential novel.
I've been reading a ton of books.
Uh, yeah. And more stuff that I don't remember.


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