People Suck

I need to add a disclaimer before I lose myself entirely to the rant that will take off after this: not everyone sucks. I know some very good people, who support, love, and care for many other people more than themselves. These people don't suck; these people are people that I honestly wish there were more of. To those of you who are like this, thank you.

I would also like to say that the problem isn't always with other people; I accept the fact that I suck too, but I deny sucking nearly as much as other people in this world, or in this blog.

I've been very, very angry lately about how much people suck. I honestly tried very hard before then to ignore it and give humanity, despite it's many flaws, the benefit of the doubt. But lately, I've encountered so many moronic assholes that I can't ignore it anymore. Not that all of these people mentioned are moronic assholes, just that, you know, a lot of people are.

There was this guy that added me out of the blue on Facebook a few weeks ago named John (yes, his real name, since there are a million and one Johns out there) who confessed to liking me in high school and kind of wanted to give dating a shot in the not so distant past. I thought "Hey, what the Hell? This guy seems nice and honest and genuine, and I need a guy like that." I decided to at least try to give him a chance, despite the fact that he has BiPolar disorder, and that disorder scares the Hell out of me. My most recent ex had it, and it led to a lot of emotional turmoil within our relationship and me being fucked in the head after (seriously; I don't think that people even like hearing from me half of the time anymore). We hung out twice; he ran me on some errands one time, and we went for a walk another time. Both times were nice, but I wasn't interested in progressing it further, though I knew he was. I wasn't attracted to him, and we got into a fight one night about me avoiding the fact that he said he was "moderately attractive." I tried, I really did try, to like this guy and roll with it, but it just... didn't feel right. He was too negative of a person for me, and I don't feel like it would have ever meshed with the positive person that I try to be. I was busy for two days in which I did a lot of stuff and took some me time, and he ended up taking it personally and getting mad. Then I went out with some friends, got drunk, and asked one of my friend's friends for their number (which I do not have). This resulted in him overreacting and blowing up and blaming me for his foul mood and blah blah. He blocked me on facebook after accusing me of playing Mind Games with him.

One, we were not fucking dating, at all. We were hanging out, that's it. Two, since we were not dating, I had every right to ask for that guy's number, even if he did look at me like I was a three headed dragon. Three, he acted like we were in a relationship and that I needed to text him daily. I know I'm guilty of being like that, but I'm able to understand the concept of "Hey I've been busy;" he wasn't. When I told him that he was slightly overreacting, he blew up. Four, I'm not the same person that I was my sophomore year of high school; life has personally seen to that. Would I want to be that same miserable, awkward girl? No. Well, I am still more or less miserable and awkward, but not that awkward!

I just can't even begin to explain how pissed off and trapped I felt through this whole experience; it made me feel like I was with my ex again, having to be conscience of every little movement I made, lest I set off a ticking time bomb. I will NOT do that again, ever. If you can't handle me in my bad moments (which usually don't come in the form of drunk-assery, and do come in the form of depression episodes most often), then you sure as fucking Hell don't deserve to have me during the good ones.

On a side note, people who take advantage of people with broken hearts suck. I had that happen to me a few months ago, and if I still had that dick-face's number, I would give him an earful. Just because I'm shattered to a million pieces does not mean you can use me and make it look like it's my fault, kay thanks.

People who try to control my life definitely suck. Just because I'm not living your version of the life that I've chosen for myself doesn't mean that I'm never going to be fulfilled or get anywhere in life. Chill out, I've got this.

So there are my three personal experiences with sucky people. On to discussing some more!

Stuck up people suck. Just because you're a size five does not make you better than me. Just because our sense of humors aren't the same doesn't mean you can make fun of me or discuss me behind my back. Just because you fall into the socially acceptable definition of "normal" and I don't doesn't make you better than me.

Narrow minded people suck, very much. I used to be one of them, and dear god am I glad that it eventually did pass. Just because people aren't the same as you does not mean they are any less valuable. I've met some very diverse people throughout my 23 years of living, and even though I may not like everything about them, I value them very much.

People who get onto other people about speaking like a sailor suck. Bitch, damn, Hell, and Fuck are just words; they don't mean anything unless directed at a certain person. No, the fact that I use them does not mean that I'm not educated; I achieved my associates degree, and did a damn good job. No, just because I use these words often doesn't mean I don't know when the appropriate time to use them is; I can use them at home, but something tells me that using them around the two and three year olds that I teach isn't such a good idea.

People who think that homosexuals within the United States shouldn't be allowed to marry suck. The constitution says that everyone should have equal rights; not everyone "but those damn gay people!" You will often hear these people say "The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin!' or "The Bible says 'Adam and Eve,' not 'Adam and Steve'!" One, your argument is automatically invalid because the constitution calls for a separation of church (any religion) and state. Two, nowhere in the Bible does God himself ever say that homosexuality is a sin. He does say in Leviticus for man not to lie with another man, yes, but where in it does it say for women not to have sex with women, or members of the same gender not to love each other? Nowhere. God is loves the homosexuals too. Get over it. Paul may say that it's not okay, but does his opinion really matter when compared to God's? Think about it.

People who let their religious views turn them into negative people and extremists suck. No, you shouldn't go murder massive amounts of people to show them that God loves them, or to get them to convert OR DIE! No, you shouldn't blow yourselves and countless others up because you think that your god will love you forever and ever and you'll be rewarded handsomely in the afterlife. No, I am not going to Hell just because I don't believe that your god is the supreme god, or because I don't believe that this Jesus fellow was the actual Messiah. No, I don't want you to pray for me, because after experiencing Christianity and Judaism, I'm just done with this thing that is "religion." No, I don't think that the concept of being saved by grace makes sense. No, your New Testament does not make any sense when lined up with the Old Testament. No, the Old Testament was not abolished, ever, by God himself within scripture.

People who can't think for themselves absolutely and 100% do suck. I used to be the lead person in this little band of people; I never questioned anything for awhile there. Don't be a piece of livestock! Question everything. Question your government, your college professors, your religious beliefs, people of authority (to some degree), and, most importantly, your parents. Don't just sit there and take the information they're giving you without evaluating it and seeing if it sits well with you. If it does, great, apply it. If it doesn't, great, throw it out.

If you're a person who has raped, murdered, or stolen from someone, you suck times infinity. If you're a person who uses people and takes advantage of their kindness, well, fuck you, and stop sucking so damn much.

The world would be better with much more selfless and straight forward people. In my perfect world, everyone would be like that, and dating would consist of "hey, I like you, let's see each other often" instead of "let's play the dating game; you're losing!"

I guess I'll end this entry here.

Gah I'm tired of people sucking so much.


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  1. <3 I'm sorry you're going through this. I believe you though...the longer I've been alive and un-sheltered, the more I realize that most people aren't good. It makes you appreciate the good ones though.

    Two things always get me through: hope and belief in myself. Hope that things get better and that people will change. The "belief in myself" part comes in when I realize that if something needs to get done, I might as well do it myself.

    You can always trust people, but you can never rely on them.