What a Great Labor Day Weekend!

Friday I worked the normal shift and did absolutely nothing besides lounge around that night.

Saturday I drove Rachel and I out to Dallas for Anime Fest, only to have to turn around as soon as we pulled into a parking lot to get her pass. Once we got there the second time, we went and shopped through the various artists' work and the Dealer's Room. I bought quite a few things that day, like a Psyduck plushie that I had when I was a kid but it got thrown away for some reason; the Love crest (Sora's crest) from Digimon; a few pieces of Avatar The Lat Airbender art; a messenger bag and cell phone charm for Rachel; and two packs of Pokemon cards for myself. Rachel and I both donated blood, the process of which I had no idea takes ten minutes to do. I was fine until I asked how long it would take, and when she said ten minutes but I was almost done, it felt like I was having a panic attack; I couldn't breath very well and felt very, very strange. I let her know and she got me some water and put ice packs around my head, after which she had me remove my cosplay wig. She then handed me a barf bag just in case I threw up, because I was feeling very sick. Luckily she removed the needle shortly after all of this started, so I was able to recover slowly while eating a snack and picking out a free T-shirt, after I was able to get out of their handy dandy chair. We went to a Harry Potter panel with "cast" members who were really cosplayers, and it was hilarious fun; I loved every minute of it. Then we went to a semi-formal ball, in which I danced with one guy who was into engineering (I do NOT feel smart enough for engineering people, I truly don't; they understand an entire different part of the world than I do, and I feel bad that I can't seem to grasp it), asked two other guys to dance (one who accepted then ran off, and one who had blisters on his heels), and did a whole lot of people watching and picture taking. We left Dallas shortly after that, only to get lost on the highways and interstates for almost an hour before figuring out how to get home. I was so angry that I let out a scream, and Rachel was like "What is your problem!?" We finally made it home and I made sure to look up the return directions so we could get home more easily on Sunday.

Sunday was spent mostly being lazy for a few hours before leaving to head out to Dallas, snapping pictures of whoever I could find, spending the remainder of the money that I had allotted for Anime Fest on art, a Mario drawstring backpack, a cute owl plush and a bunny clip for Rachel. We pretty much just walked around shopping, grabbed some food, and ended up waiting in line for the cosplay competition for a couple of hours. It was fun; we sat by a Link who ended up joining a group of people playing Uno, so there was much hilarity in that. I took random pictures of cosplayers that I happened to see and a random video that resulted out of pure boredom. The cosplay competition was amazing; I had so much fun watching the emceees do their thing and seeing all of the amazing skits that these fellow nerds put together with much blood, sweat and tears. We actually started it off by singing the Pokemon theme song, which made it that much more awesome. We left after the competition and got lost for a bit before finally finding the highway and using my directions to get us back home.

Monday I spent much of the day lounging around and texting the guy that I met off of plenty of fish, eventually making plans to head out to his house to hang out for the night. We had a great time; I really, really enjoy going over there and hanging out with him. I like him a lot. We watched "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law" for awhile, of which he will bust out laughing at really hilarious parts, making it that much more fun to watch. We went to WalMart for beer and snacks, and I finally found the Pokemon: Black and White book that I use to put my cards in the right order (after searching four different WalMarts for it). We went back to his house to eat pizza and drink beer, taking pause to do some personal things, and watched some of "The Big Lebowski," which he can quote line by line through the entire movie (it got annoying after awhile, but I still found it amusing). Then we switched to... something, then after I called Rachel and checked in we watched a movie about the wonders of Space on his 3D TV, which is friggen awesome. I stayed the night over there and dozed off while Archer was playing in the background. I had to leave super early, so I tried waking him up early but found out that he can be kind of cranky in the morning (can't we all be, though? I'm only a morning person when I absolutely have to be; otherwise, forget it). I said goodbye around 8:30 a.m. and drove home, passing out soon after I got home to take a quick nap before having to get ready and go to work.

As much as I love getting back into the dating world and meeting a person that I genuinely do like and think hit things off well with, I'm still slightly terrified. I almost panicked because I was plagued with "what if" thoughts that were fairly negative. I worry that despite all of the good things happening lately (A-Fest, this great guy, my new kiddos, figuring myself out and finally growing a pair of lady balls, etc) that the negative will eventually take over again. I was slapped in the face repeatedly there for awhile, what with a breakup, my depression taking me to places I didn't want to go, dating someone only to get dumped again, being cut out of people's lives, having gossip spread about me at work, that I worry that shit like that will happen again, all at once. It's not anybody's fault; just something I need to work through.

Anyway, so yeah, I like this guy and I could gush about him quite a bit but I'm going to wait and see where whatever-this-is goes to gush over him on here; I don't necessarily want to scare him.

I suppose that's all for now. Hope you're all doing well!


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