50 Things About Me: 2012 Edition

For the past... I don't know how many years, but for a very long time - I've uploaded fifty facts about myself per year so that I can keep up with who I was that year. I know it's a little late, and pretty much two weeks before December ends, but here is the list for this year. Enjoy!

1) I'm still Kimbra

2) I am still four foot eleven and a fourth, though I'm sure others will tell you that I'm five foot exactly. To those people, I say 'thank you!'

3) I am in a relationship with James, and he gets me better than anyone else so far. I'm extremely lucky to have such an amazing guy that wants to be with me always.

4) I have five tattoos.

5) I still have four cats (Tigger, Sandy, Kitty Kitty and Fang), and Kitty Kitty acts as my partner in crime.

6) I have one lovely sister who I have come to appreciate very much; she means the world to me.

7) Right now, I don't have a car.

8) Most of the time, I'm pretty shy and am one of those people who is extremely quiet around other people until she gets comfortable, then I am pretty loud and can get obnoxious.

9) I'm a college graduate, and I received my Associates of the Arts degree in December of 2011.

10) I'm a mixture between being a realist and an idealist.

11) I've decided that I'm agnostic; I've tried a couple of different religions, learned too much, and don't believe in one supreme god.

12) I just turned 24 years old; I know that when I turn 25 I will bawl like a baby.

13) I work at a private preschool and teach fifteen wonderful children.

14) I've become a lot more apathetic about people who leave my life. In fact, I hold the door open for them now and say "Bye! Hope you enjoyed your stay! Glad you can't cause me anymore emotional distress!"

15) Owls are still my favorite animal. Translation: I'm still borderline obsessed with owls.

16) I'm obsessed with keys and keyblades.

17) Purple and white is still my favorite color combination, though the lighter shades fo blue are slowly replacing purple as my favorite color.

18) I'm socially awkward, and in the recent past have gotten pretty strange.

19) I've had people tell me that they were scared to talk to me because apparently I look intimidating, then they got to know me and realized that nothing about me is scary.

20) I have a very odd sense of humor.

21) I have an irrational fear that scientists will eventually be able to bring dinosaurs back to life.

22) I actually have reoccurring nightmares about dinosaurs rampaging my city.

23) I love books and the many adventures they take me on; through books I gain an escape that hands me advice, life lessons, and gain a further understanding about this crazy thing called life.

24) I am still obsessed with Harry Potter, and visit Hogwarts often in all of the ways that I can.

25) I can roll my tongue in three different ways.

26) I cuss like a sailor at home. Does that mean I'm uneducated? No. Does that mean that I use that kind of language at work? Obviously not.

27) I'm honest, but I try to be honest in a way that won't hurt people's feelings; being honest doesn't mean that I have to be a jerk.

28) I have depression and high anxiety, but both are pretty much under control now.

29) I have a jar full of torn pieces of paper with feelings written on them that I want to forget. Obviously I don't go back through and read about those particular feelings.

30) I like to have my own copies of books so that I can highlight and bracket memorable quotes.

31) I have two celebrity crushes; one for Seth Green that has been going strong since middle school, and one for John Green, who is obviously unavailable due to being happily married and having a son.

32) I fall in love with personality and intelligence; I'm not sure that the gender even matters.

33) I don't wear a lot of makeup; as long as I have eyeliner and mascara on, I'm good.

34) I can be pretty lazy, but I rarely like to carve out an entire day to be that way. I usually get restless toward the middle/end of the day and do something productive.

35) I like humans, but dislike humanity.

36) I drift off if a conversation lasts too long; you can see the exact moment that it happens, and I usually end up apologizing and asking for clarification on what they just said.

37) I'm an open book and wear my heart on my sleeve. If I'm feeling something as a direct result of something that you've said or done, you will be made aware in the boldest way possible.

38) I'm in a not-taking-people's-crap kind of mood lately; I'm just not dealing with it anymore.

39) I'm easily walked all over because of how nice I try to be. If you take advantage of it, you will be told very boldly to fuck off.

40) Though many adults I know have problems, I have a softer spot for children and teens who do; I get sad that their life is just beginning yet they've had such a rough start.

41) I know there isn't enough room in my heart to care about everyone every second of every day, so I don't.

42) Sometimes I just like to turn my phone off and hang out with my sister, or deal with the rocky hand that life has dealt me.

43) I'm an introverted people watcher, but that doesn't mean that I don't crave adventure.

44) I am very spontaneous and impulsive. I will go to WalMart at 3 a.m. for no other purpose than to walk around, or organize my books/movies because I suddenly decided that they were bothering me.

45) I've gotten pretty obsessive compulsive when it comes to things being in alphabetical order; I can't stand for them to be out of that specific order.

46) Despite my age, I'm a huge kid at heart and get overly excited about the smallest of things.

47) I think that I'm pretty, but thanks to America's societal standards I don't see myself as "beautiful" a lot of the time.

48) It is a dream of mine to have a novel published and sold; I'm in the middle of editing three right now.

49) I'm working on living a life that I am completely okay with.

50) My ideal partner (though I think I've found him, finally!) is someone that I can share every aspect of my life with, and who sees the darkness in me and loves me despite that darkness.

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