50 Things About Me: 2013 Edition

1) My name never changes - I'm Kimbra

2) I'm 24, though my boyfriend says that I sometimes act like I'm 7.

3) I have an amazing boyfriend named James who means the world to me; I see a future with him.

4) My baby sister (who is now 22... yikes!) is one of the most important people in my life; without her I would be super lost.

5) I collect Pokemon cards, and am trying to get at least one of every single Pokemon/form of certain Pokemon.

6) I love Harry Potter - which has taught me much of what I need to know about life - and try to visit Hogwarts as much as I can in any way possible.

7) I see the beauty in broken things; a cracked jewlery box, a ceramic owl with one wing missing, a wilted flower, people who have suffered too much.

8) I work as a receptionist for an Optometrist's office.

9) I have a hard time viewing humans as "people;" I only view certain humans as people, the rest viewed as beings who are just passing through my life.

10) I get too emotionally invested in books and television shows. I feel what the characters feel, which leads to a hard reading/viewing experience at times.

11) I am trying to make the house in which I live a home, slowly but surely, but cleaning it up and adding some decor here and there.

12) I collect: stuffed animals, owls, post cards, magnets, knick-knacks, books, posters, pictures of family and friends.

13) I have become super crafty within the past year, and have tried my hand and painting and drawing simple things. I rarely like the outcome, but others find them interesting.

14) I make it a daily effort to live a life that will hold no regrets.

15) I fight to be happy, despite hitting a brick wall sometimes.

16) I am a people pleaser, which means I get manipulated into doing things that don't necessarily mean anything in the long run, but will help another person. I am working to change this.

17) I try to unclutter my life and only hold onto things that I know I want to let my future children use eventually. So far, I'm doing alright, but could be doing better.

18) I try to be as honest as I can, so much so that if I accidentally lie, I go back and let the person know and tell them the more accurate statement.

19) I play video games (The Sims 3, Ni No Kuni, Black Ops, Lego Batman II, Harry Potter Lego, Star Wars Lego, Kingdom Hearts II, etc) that are easier, and make it a point to voice that I am deeply unhappy when I end up dying.

20) I was bullied growing up by people in school who felt that I was fat and ugly, and have had quite the hard time working past that to have a good self-image.

21) I believe that homosexuals should have the right to marry within all states in the United States.

22) I have been known to listen to The Spice Girls and watching Disney Movies while performing tasks that I would just rather not do (homework, cleaning, etc).

23) I am an agnostic who believes something has to be out there (how else did we get here?) but does not believe that there is one specific supreme god.

24) I actually believe in many different gods, none of whom hold a special place within my heart.

25) I have actually given up completely when it comes to religion and what they have to offer.

26) I am not above kicking people out of my life when they make it miserable or when they only focus on negative things.

27) I always feel the need to make ammends when I am well aware that I have wronged someone in a terrible way; I wish that more people felt the same way.

28) I have triggers and pet peeves that make me upset/angry; it is for this reason that I think I am rough around the edges.

29) I am above taking people's bullshit; it is for this reason that James calls me his "big ball of anger."

30) I have five tattoos, and plan on adding on to my fifth one and getting two more.

31) I am severely overweight, and need to exercise, but I lack the drive to do so.

32) I am getting better at managing a relationship, family, friends and work, but could still use some work on the friends aspect.

33) I have a lot of flaws that I am not proud of.

34) Rock and classical music speak to my soul. Rap rips it apart.

35) Bad grammar and mispelled words make me cringe and almost causes me physical pain.

36) I do not fear death, but am certainly not ready to die anywhere near my 20's. Maybe when I reach 100 I'll be ready. Maybe.

37) I do, however, fear losing my loved ones, clowns, that scientists will bring dinosaurs back to life, and being outside at night.

38) I have four cats (Tigger, Sandy, Kitty Kitty, and Fang), and only one sleeps with me and allows me to snuggle her.

39) I'm one of those people who don't realize how much they miss someone until I am in their presence after an extended period of absence.

40) I'm pretty awesome, and have no problem flaunting that fact.

41) I avoid going to the doctor unless I really, really need to; at one point this year I was so sick that I had pneumonia, and at another my eye swelled almost completely shut because of a stye. I didn't WANT to go see a doctor until I had to, and obviously I had to.

42) I'm looking for a job that will make me happy and fulfilled, and don't believe that I have found it yet.

43) Arizona Diet Green Tea is my favorite drink ever. Besides Sprite. And Water.

44) I don't have a favorite food; I just like food. Though there are more foods that I dislike than like.

45) My life thus far has been anything but easy, and I have come to expect it to be as hard as it can get. I have found coping skills to deal with the hard times, and have come to appreciate the happier times.

46) I love poetry, and have made a few attempts at writing my own.

47) I am a writer of a wide variety of random things. I have yet to edit any of the novels that I plan to, but one day I'm sure I'll get around to it.

48) I have gotten fairly selfish with my time, money, and emotional attachments as of late. By doing so I have been allowing myself to recover from the recent past and feel like an actual human being again.

49) I have been in one fist fight, and I'd like to say that it was pretty even as far as damage to each other was concerned.

50) I believe myself to be a good person filled with good intentions. The people in my life would happily agree with this statement.


Pokemon Cards That I Need

I have been collecting Pokemon cards again for about a year and have quite a decent chunk of all of the generations placed in a large black binder in numerical order. My goal is to complete every generation that's out thus far, minus X & Y since they haven't even released the games yet. Here is a list of the cards I need and what generations they are apart of (note: I know that some of the cards are in the wrong generation, but that's how the book I have has them set up so that's what I'm going off of).










- Deerling (Winter and Fall)

- Sawsbuck (Winter and Fall)


Arceus Forms:

- Electric

- Ground

- Psychic

- Water

- Steel

Rotom Forms:

- Mow

- Heat

- Fan

- Frost


- C

- G

- H

- P

- Q

- V

- W

- X

- Y