Time for an update?

I think so.

There have been so many things happening since my last post.

I have a car. I pay a payment every month. Look at me, being an adult that is finally in debt. Whoo!

Two of our rats passed away. Rest in peace Soot Spirit and Lightening.

I'm a Quality Analyst at the call center I work in. I like it most of the time, though my boss can be a challenge.

I've read an insane amount of books that, if I were to list them, we would be here for a few hours at least. So proud of myself for keeping up with the books that are coming out.

I have had adventures, and participated in random things. I'm doing NaNoWriMo currently, and that is a glorious challenge unto itself.

I am reconnecting with people and solidifying friendships.

I am in a happy, and mostly healthy, relationship (still).

I visited my uncle recently and Rachel, James, my uncle and I had a relaxing day of watching MGM's anniversary channel and seeing older movies.

Here it is. Not much has changed, but then again, everything has.