(A)pril Fool's Day

I hate April Fool's Day. It is my least favorite day of the entire year.

Some people go overboard with pranks that are fun, like one of my friends who drew on her kid's face and made her breakfast something of a goof fest, which I guess is fine and dandy. I just hate it when people try to "fool" me.

I am one of the most honest people, so I sometimes take it for granted in others and think that they are always honest with me. I am also fairly gullible, as proven by one of my friends in sixth grade who said that her parent's wrote gullible on the ceiling and I looked up like an idiot. These two combinations always lead to me falling for whatever stupid line people feed me and feeling like a fucking moron whenever I realize that it is absolutely not true.

I've tried pulling pranks myself, like telling my dad that I got fired from my job (the only prank I have ever pulled), but I just suck at it; I always end up telling the truth a split second later because I just hate lying and making other people worry for me for no reason.

Even worse than the people in my personal life are the corporations who "fool" the public. Google a few years ago pulled one over on me and it was something that sounded so, so cool and I felt like a doofus for falling for it. Today, I actually went all day without falling for anything; no one tried to trick me, and I got through my roadside assistance job with no incident. When I got home, it was to find this gem on Facebook... "'Harry was a figment of Ron's imagination' admits J.K. Rowling" posted on hypable.com.

I have been a Potter nerd since I was 11 years old. This headline, just reading it, made my face scrunch up, tears well in my eyes, and almost caused an existential crisis in which I re-evaluated my entire life from then on (for I am still super into Harry Potter) and conclude that it is a lie. I could feel my soul ripping into teeny tiny little pieces. Then I saw my friend comment on what day it was, and everything went back into perspective.

Maybe instead of this day we could have a national day of not lying to anyone, no matter how brutally honest the truth, instead of celebrating a day of being an absolute jerkface to each other. That is something that I could get on board with.

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  1. I'm with you Kim. Instead of pranks, I try to think of April 1st as a new beginning with spring bursting forward to greet me.

  2. I had a harder time this year as I was all over Facebook for other things. And while JK's post was a good one, I'm glad I'm only hearing about it secondhand!

    Nice choice for the letter and I'm behind you on the "honesty day" idea.

    Gina, #1387 today, blogging at Book Dragon's Lair

  3. Pranks should never be lies. Those are lies. April Fool's jokes should be just that. Not hurtful. So, that being said, I don't have people playing jokes on me. Only when I taught first grade and then it was always saying a spider was on my shoulder kind of thing...gets old fast! But life is easier to take if when people fool you, you choose to laugh with them! Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself!
    April is all about new beginnings, even more so than New Year's resolutions. Love to drink it all in!

  4. I used to do April Fool's pranks until two years ago. My husband and I both agreed to go in on one together and simultaneously announced on our facebook pages that we were splitting, even going so far as to change our relationships statuses to separated. Within an hour, I had two dear friends trying to console me because they had recently split from their spouses and wanted to help me through the process. I felt horrible having to say "sorry- just a joke" when it clearly wasn't funny. I haven't done one since.

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge! Hi from Nagzilla bloghopping A to Z