I remember waking up on several Easter mornings and having it be just like Christmas; a basket full of toys, candy, and other random goodies waiting just for me to pluck through. At 26 years old, this is no longer the case. Honestly, this year, it didn't feel much like Easter because I had to be a grown-up and go to work, but that didn't keep me from doing a little something with James (my boyfriend) and Rachel (my sister), and talking to mom and dad a bit (since I live in my mother's house and dad lives with us). Though this year wasn't lively or extravagant, I do have memories of Easter's past that were a bit more so.

Posing for pictures in Easter dresses.

Stuffing myself so full of candy that I felt ill.

Digging in my basket to find a VHS of "The Little Rascals," and my sister getting "The Little Mermaid" despite the fact that it was my favorite movie.

Flying kites out on my grandma's land, and one of my cousins losing their kite in the overgrown fields around the house. My uncle looked for it but that kite was never seen again.

Singing this song that I heard on Animal Planet, even though I only knew the chorus.

Easter egg hunting (several years) at my grandma's house. One on occasion, I got a headache because of dehydration and was forced to go inside until I felt better.

Setting up the Easter tree and putting the fragile, wooden ornaments on its colorful branches, leaving it up for the entire month of April.

After my dad got back to Texas, waking up one morning to find a note that said "Happy Easter, Love Dad" on the kitchen counter with a few candy items around on it.

Making my boyfriend an Easter basket with SpiderMan related stuff from the doller store and taking it to him when he was living in his apartment.

Dying eggs. I've made it a point to do at least that for the past few years. This year, my sister boiled twelve of them and she, James, and I dyed them. We are actually all very proud of them. I did a rainbow one, a purple and white one, and two blue/gold ones. Rachel did tye die/quilt ones. James did a Frankenstein's monster one, an Incredible Hulk one, a multicolored one, and a Tardis one just for me. We are all very proud of them.

Though I have experienced 26 years full of Easters, these are my most prominent memories; really the only ones I can remember. Even though I am in a weird range of ages where Easter isn't a huge deal, I know that when I have my own children I will attempt to make it a big and fun and memorable thing full of Egg Hunts on my grandma's land, Easter baskets left on the table waiting for them to discover in the morning, and decorating the Easter tree passed to us by my grandmother.

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