I am a feminist.

I believe in equal rights for women.

I believe in equal pay, equal job opportunities, and equal benefits.

I believe that pregnant women deserve to be paid for all of the time that they need off of work.

I believe that women have a right to say if/when another human being touches them. I am tired of being touched by men and having them laugh and say "smile," like it's funny. Like I should laugh it off. I am tired of men thinking that they are entitled to my body.

I am a feminist because I live in a country where rape culture is the norm. I live in a country where if you are raped, you are questioned like you are the perpetraitor, not the victim. I believe that rape and harrassment charges should be taken seriously, regardless of the gender of the person pressing the charges.

I am a feminist because a cute, sexy scene in Divergent was turned into a Rape Scene when the movie was made because people are more comfortable with women being raped than with them partaking in consensual sex.

I am a feminist because girls all over the country are sent home due to violations of a sexist dress code and miss out on an equal education to boys. I feel that men should be held to the same standards. Women can't wear tank tops, men can't wear tank tops. Women can't wear spandex, men can't wear spandex. And vice versa. I feel that the rules are unfair, and perhaps we should be looking at the people who write them more closely - why specific rules for girls? Is is the boy's learning environments that would be affected or the faculty's work environment?

I am a feminist because when a man goes out in public topless it is considered normal. When I go out in public without a top on it is indecent. My nipples will feed a future generation, and yet I cannot let them be free.

I am a feminist because it is considered disgusting for women to breastfeed in public; this is the only thing my nipples are meant for. I am disgusted that it is not okay to use them for the most natural thing possible, yet it is okay for men to view them in a movie or amateur porn videos.

I am a feminist because it is okay for all of a woman's body to be exposed in a rated R film, but not all of a man's.

I am a feminist because if men have sex for pleasure they are just men - if women have sex for pleasure they are whores. The amount of sex that any gender has is none of anyone else's business. I can have sex with as many or as few men as I choose, as often as I want.

I am a feminist because periods, something that is natural and beyond our control, are seen as disgusting by society, but it is okay to oversexualize women in any and all ways possible. I am a feminist because condoms are free, but not birth control or feminine products.

I am a feminist because my nipples, the part of me that will sustain a future life, cannot be seen out in public, but they can be seen in movies and magazines. I am a feminist because in the case of nipples, only women's are sexualized.

I am a feminist because women are taught from a young age that our bodies are only meant for pleasure, not our own appreciation. We are taught to loathe our bodies for any imperfections, instead of being empowered and taught to love ourselves.

I am a feminist because there are laws and regulations that limit the control that I have over my body. If I have an unwanted pregnancy, I have to see pictures of my unborn baby in the hopes that I will be traumatized enough to not go through with it. I am a feminist because business have the right to deny certain types of contraception under "religious freedom" laws.

I am a feminist because of events such as "gamergate" or any leaked nude photos. I am a feminist because of revenge porn.

I am a feminist because of sexist undertones within movies, the media, books. I am a feminist because of the manic pixie dream girl characters, or dumbass women in movies that can't stand on their own, or the books to movies female characters who are portrayed as nothing more in the movies as a woman who can't choose between two men.

I am a feminist because since I was old enough to go for walks on my own/be out at night on my own, I have been taught to protect myself. I cannot walk from my car to my work place without feeling terrified that something bad will happen. I am told to fear preditors instead of preditors being told to respct people.

I am a feminist because of the misconception that if I want equal women's rights, I must hate men. I do not hate men.

I am tired of men, and a few women who have the wrong idea of what feminism is, saying "get back, know your place" any time a woman steps forward to speak up for other women.

I believe that women should have equal pay, equal hours, equal wages. I believe that I should have my say in when I show my body, how my body looks, and how I use my body. It is no one else's business what I do with myself or my time. I will not get back, and I will not be silent. I am happy to be apart of a movement of people, not just women, that feel the same way.

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