(G)reat Days/Memories

I asked for help on finding a topic for G. George Washington, Gerbils, Grapes, Genitals and General Topics. Great Days wins.

Boating with my grandpa. Fishing off the boat. Being dragged behind in a butt buster. Being let off to swim in a shallow part of the river. Driving the boat. Stopping off at a country club to use their restroom, and being confronted with a ton of daddy long legs on the inside of the door once I closed it.

Fishing with my Uncle E. Going down the river and fishing as we went, catching a cooler full of big fish. Stopping at a restaurant to eat after going a few miles down it. Sitting on the docks at the river for hours at a time and catching fish. Hanging out at his old house for days at a time. Rollerblading in his cul-de-sac. Eating the mints he gets because they are my favorite. Playing Uno.

Church Camp/Chior tour. Beautiful picturesque landscapes. Driving in a bus across several states. Dollywood, DisneyLand. Singing in churches. Worships. Recreation.

Marching Band trips. San Antonio, Disney World, Universal Studios, skiing in Winter Park, CO.

My Scarborough Faire and Anime Convention adventures. Taking pictures as I walk through the venues. Buying entirely too much souvineers and art. Attending shows and panels.

Walking through the Botanic Gardens. The Japenese Gardens' beauty; the stepping stone path through the koi fish pond, the huge zen garden, the fountains that purified water, my ex climbing into the largest zen garden in history so that he could get a picture taken. All of the other gardens in bloom. Sniffing the sweet flowers with my mom. Seeing the fire tree.

All of the family Christmases and Thanksgivings ever. Walking down the gravel path with my cousins and grandma. Watching my uncles trade off years, then my older male cousin, passing out presents. Decorating three houses, then two. All of the women cooking lunch/dinner, then everyone gathering in the living room for the Football game. Parade, dog show, football game, in that order. Posing for family portraits in front of the Christmas tree. Singing Kareoke in the shop, and watching Barbie and the Nutcracker on the tiny TV, and playing Super Mario Bros on the Wii. Making chocolate dipped cheery mice in the garage.

The Greenville House. Catching crawdads with bacon; one had a TON of eggs wedged under her tail, and this kid down the street tried to take it. My Uncle B letting G Jo watch us one day while he took my cousin to the doctor. Spike and Princess, the dogs, and another super big super furry dog. Playing in the back yard. Playing the N64 - Milo's Astro Lanes, Donkey Kong, Lets Get Ready 2 Rumble Boxing. Walking down the alley behind G Jo's. G Jo's pug. My Uncle B trying to have us do book reports. Dancing outside while fire flies are glowing; catching them and letting them go the next day. Having a TV line-up planned during the main part of the afternoon - Reboot, Sailor Moon, any animal planet show.

Drunken partying, minus the hangovers and bad stories. Playing rockband. Playing drinking games (toasting to random people of color on Martin Luthor King Junior Day, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Beer Pong, etc).

Playing board games/cards against humanity with friends.

Driving through town with the windows rolled down, singing and dancing at the top of my lungs with friends.

Going to the Dollar Movies, then Good Will, with friends.

Waking up next to a person that I love.

Spending November of a few years past writing novels in a month. Snack food, late nights, stress, creativity, write ins. That moment when an idea for a novel solidifies.

Playing on playgrounds as a kid. Going to carnivals.

The Fourth of July. Being underneath fireworks in Farris, TX. Watching them with my grandma this past year. Locating the best spot near home to see them with my family/friends/loved ones. Sharing pizza as they get shot into the sky. Getting off of work in just enough time to get to see them.

There are so many, many great days to reflect upon, and I hope there are even more in my future.

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  1. Drinking Long Island Ice Teas on the beach at camp is one of my great memories.