(H) - definitions

Hope - no matter the darkness, things will get better.

Hapiness - a wish, a state of being

Hero - people who make a positive difference

Hurt - an emotional or physical pain - often leaves scars

Hatred - strong emotion that can tear a soul apart

Hands - for working, creating, caressing, loving

Holy - set a part

Hanukkah - favorite Holy Day; light a candle, dreidel, gelt

Hark - listen

Harry Potter - the foundation of my childhood, alight in the darkness

Hufflepuff - My Harry Potter House that I was officially sorted into by Pottermore after having already been sorted by another application. I proudly identify as a Hufflepuff.

Heart - beating in my body, declaring love and providing life

Healing - a long process that leads to betterment

Hangover - dear sweet god i never want to have another one of these as long as I live

Hunger - starvation, need

Helpful - doing what you can despite any circumstance

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  1. I think I use that same definition for Harry Potter!

    Good luck with the 2015 A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy