Growing up with the name Kimbra was very odd. I felt weird because it always stuck out. I wasn't allowed to have a nickname because my mom thought it was too beautiful. For awhile I actually hated it because I was named after my dad, who I actually hated for awhile.

There is literally nothing with the name Kimbra on it unless you order it. I have a teeny tiny cup with Kim on it because the names always go from Kim to Kimberly; nothing in between. I do have a band bag with my name on it, which is actually pretty cool, but again, we had to have that ordered.

As I grew up, a lot of cool nicknames actually did come up - Kimmy, Kimmay, Kimmat, Kim, Kimbabimbabam... and I liked each of them. Now that I'm older I hate it when random strangers shorten it to Kim, but do allow people who have called me that for years to continue. I corrected one of my bosses one time because she kept calling me Kim, and for the longest time she would go "Kim...bra" after she remembered not to shorten it. Really only the people from high school, one guy from college, and my youngest cousin call me Kim. To the rest, I am Kimbra.

There are a total of five or six Kimbras in my city. I wish I would have known them as I was growing up so our names wouldn't have seemed so weird. Someone named Kimbra actually contacted me on Myspace once, talking about our awesome shared name. There's a singer named Kimbra, which I have no affiliation with but was pretty overcome with joy once I found out about.

Working in a call center, my name is misheard a lot. I've received "You said your name was Barbara?" "Tamara, you said?" "Hey Kim, here is my problem" "Thanks Kendra!" "Awesome Kimber!" Half of the time I don't correct them. I do, however, spell my name EVERY TIME someone asks for it.

Over the years I've come to like my name, despite my previous issues with my father; we are actually on better footing now. I've gotten to the point where I actually love and appreciate my name, even when people butcher it.

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  1. Kimbra is a great name! I substitute teach, so it's also very easy to pronounce compared to some of the international names i've stumbled over. My name was unique for a long time too - there are many more Tara's now than there used to be (no fun things with my name on them either) But now I love my name, too - being unique in our "small" internet world has become almost impossible!
    yay for Kimbra - and i've gone back and enjoyed some of your previous posts, too - jobs, tidbits about you... nice to meet you!