Love - (n) an intense feeling of deep affection; a person or thing that one loves. (v) feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone)

There are many types of love. Love between friends, family, significant others, objects/things.

Love is what has kept several friends in my life. I go through phases where I delete people from my life; I get so depressed that I want to minimize the number of people that I expose to it. I have located many of the people that I have deleted, trying to mend fences and edge them back into the chaos of my life. Love is what has mended several friendships with people who have walked away; I am very greatful to have them back in my life. Love is what helps us communciate shortcomings with each other, keep us in touch with one another, listen and forgive.

I love my family all of the time, even though I may not like them sometimes. We may get on each other's nerves, but love will always keep us together, and keep us pushing forward. Love is what kept my Mamaw with my Papa despite their not-so-amazing marriage, and reminded her of him every day for the five years that she lived without him. Love is what has held my mom and her brothers' relationships together, despite the many arguements that have occured through the years. Love is what brings our family together, even very briefly, for holidays. Love is what has helped me to forgive my dad for his many transgressions, and to have a decent relationship with him. Love is what has brought my sister and I closer together, despite the fact that I have not always treated her exactly how she should have been treated. Love is what pushes me to make my rounds throughout the house when I get home, making sure to give everyone a smile and hello, despite the fact that I'm usually very tired after work.

Love is what keeps James and I together, despite our numerous disagreements. I have had so many panic attacks (anxiety), and been so outraged, that I have thought about walking away. Walking away would fix everything, right? I would be so much happier alone, once I break two hears, right? No matter how many times I think this way, somehow my mind changes. Love is what opens my heart to James's apology, or brings me to apologize to him. Love is what mends the cracks; love is what allows us to forgive, to overcome, to work together to build a better life. Love helps us to want to be better for each other - not because we have to, but because we want to. We stay together out of love.

Love is what holds my interest for things that would otherwise fade away. Video games, books, words - creating stories, owls, music, being outside on a perfect day, spending time with people that have shown me that I am worthy of love. Love is what has inspired so many of my books. Love is what helps me to feel music and have it improve even the worst day. Love is what makes me squeal every time I find a cute owl trinket to add to my collection. Love keeps me human despite the monstrous depression that lives inside of me.

Love is powerful. It can change someone's life irrevocably for the better. Love is what shines bright within humans despite the darkness, casting light upon the beauty within us. Love is what keeps us strong in the saddest of times, during the darkest tragedies. Love keeps the memories of loved ones lost with us, forever. Love can transcend time and dimensions, and that is one of the most powerful forms of emotion and magic in existance.

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