(M)oney, (M)other, (M)isery, (M)arriage, and (M)ooing on (M)onday.

Money - I honestly wish that we had more of this within our lives. My family struggles financially. If we had more money, maybe we would be able to pay all of our bills on time. I know that if I win the lottery, if I ever feel like trying, I would use the money for the following - paying off my mom's house, paying off both of our cars, putting myself through school in order to get my Bachlor and Master degrees debt free, getting my sister licensed and her car fixed, pay for all taxes on my grandmother's house, buying a house of my own, getting married, set aside some for my children's college education. I may even donate some, though I would feel just fine being selfish in order to better mine and my family's lives.

Mother - My mom is actually pretty awesome. We had a rocky relationship there for awhile during my teen years, and fought on Thanksgiving once, and we do get on each other's nerves, but she is a good mom. She made us eat our vegitables growing up, got surgeries so that she felt better and could stay around to raise us, always put my sister and I first. She divorced my dad so that our family could have a better life, and raised us alone for the better part of ten years. She is the mediator between my sister and I when necessary. She is my hero.

Misery - Sadness. But deep, deep sad. Like the world is ending and it feels like there is literally no coming back from it. The heart pulling, earth shattering moments.

Marriage - I try to have a healthy perspective on this. I've seen my mom's marriage fail, and a lot of my friend's parents are divorced. I know the various reasons why various marriages have ended (all the way from child molestation to alcoholism to we just didn't work anymore). I've seen marriages work despite the fact that at times it seemed like they just really shouldn't have. I know that I want to get married, and I'm pretty sure James is the one I want to marry. I try to be realistic here - we will get married, and do our damndest to make it work, but if it doesn't work... it doesn't work. If we end up hating each other in the future, it's okay to go our separate directions. People change, things that are unpredictable happen, and (in my honest opinion) it is super unhealthy to think that despite the earth-shattering events we will be stuck with one another forever. Despite what I've just said, I really do hope that James and I are forever. I've dated enough people (will be covered in a later blog) to know what I want and need and don't want and seriously do not need in a relationship; James and I seem to be where I want to be in a relationship, and that gives me hope that we will last as long as forever does for us.

Mooing - When I was in high school, my friend Kyle would randomly moo; he was the funny kid, now funny adult. In Rent, Maureen asks us to "Moo with me!," so for awhile I would do her exact moo. My sister moos. Cows moo. James even yelled at the cows and said "MOO! I AM THE COW LORD! BOW TO ME!" It seems to me that moments and things like these make life more random and fun. Bring on the mooing!

Monday - Most of the time lately the beginning of my weeks do not fall on Monday. The beginning actually falls on Saturday, so Saturday is my Monday. I think that no matter what day your/my "Monday" falls on, it will always be the same. "Monday" is the day that I have to adjust from staying up until 6 a.m. on my days off to getting in bed, hopefully, by 2:30/3:30 a.m. so that I can get up at 9:30 a.m. It's the day I go from doing whatever I want to sitting in a chair while taking phone calls. It's the day I feel most bleh, besides my "Friday" when I feel like I am just done. "Mondays" are hard.

The end.

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  1. I love this. Some of my A to Z posts were hard to limit to just one topic, but you covered several. I too feel like money is very weighing topic.