Sissy - A name bestowed upon me by my mom, since she knew I was going to be a big sister. Used by my mom and sister.

Squirrel - A completely out of the blue nickname that dad started using a year or so ago.

Kim - I don't know when this one started, since I wasn't allowed to have an actual real life nickname when I was younger. The farthest back I can remember is in eighth grade, the group of friends that I hung out with called me Kim. It kind of caught on from there - people in high school, even at least one in college, called me Kim. Not many others are allowed. I don't actually like it because it reminds me of when I was a kid, young and ignorant and stupid; it is only an endearing nickname when those who have been calling me by this for years say it.

Hobbit - A name gained through being in Marching Band around the time that the Lord of the Rings movies came out. Also, I have hairy toes. So... there's that.

Sista KP - Another girl and I shared the same basic portions of our name. We called each other that for years.

Kim Possible - After that TV show came on, that's what people called me for a little while. I have a badge from Disney with her on it to commemorate that time period.

Midget - I stopped growing in the eighth grade, at four feet eleven and a fourth inches. I have not grown since then. I remember a time where I was taller than my sister and younger cousins. As time passed, they surpassed me, my youngest cousin, a freshman in high schoo, passing me when he was in seventh grade. I have always been short. I have always had to climb on top of the counters in order to get something from the high shelves. So in band, since I was one of the shortest people present, and I didn't grow all through high school, they were kind enough to bestow this name upon me.

Peter/Peter Parker - I can't explain this one fully, but I will say that it was given to me by my old manager at the craft store during my first week there. It spread like wild fire since then, and for a good chunk of time everyone was calling me by those names.

Kimmy - A variation of Kim, mainly used by my youngest cousin.

Kimby - Bestowed upon me by my uncle B during one of our stays with him.

Kimbabimbabam - Given to be by my friend Alex, a person who I actually have never met in real life but have known for over ten years through the Internet. We essentially grew up together. This was a pretty random name she randomly decied to use for me.

Joey Wheeler - A name I used when chatting. Someone else would use Serenity Wheeler, and we would wheeeeeel.

ScarletWolf/ScarletWarrior - Two other chat names that I used while roleplaying when I was younger.

Love Muffin - A nickname that James and I use for each other. I called him by this as a complete joke one day since I don't like using pet names, and it has stuck with us.

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