I have six tattoos; I do not regret a single one and wish to have more.


I got this tattoo in 2008, when I was nineteen and working at CiCi's. This one is on my right ankle on the right hand side. I got it to memoralize my grandpa, who died in 2006. I knew I wanted the heart before that, when I was fifteen and thinking about tattoo ideas; I had them add the name that we called him into the middle.


I got this one in 2009 when I was twenty. It is on the back of my neck. I wanted the word live because I believe in living life - simply existing is not enough. The tattoo artist added the star above the 'i' to make it more artistic; I fell in love with the addition.


I got this tattoo in 2012, when I was twenty-four, after a break-up; it is on my left wrist. I hated myself after it because all of the blame was brought against me. This is a special reminder to love myself, because I am valuable, and I matter.


I got this tattoo on my right wrist a week after I got the 'love yourself' one; they even still had my ID because I forgot to get it back from them and I said 'Just hang on to it for me; I will be coming in to get another tattoo Friday.' I had a horrible, terrible time letting people back into my life, and still have trouble actually trusting people. It's really sad because when people see it, they say that it is something they will never do and would be stupid to do. No, I don't think so. As my friend Hayley said, you can always trust people - but you can never rely on them.


I got this tattoo for the first time in 2012, a few months after my wrist tattoos, and the second time late last year when I had another artist fix it. It is the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter, with the words "Master of Death" underneath from the quote "he who possesses these three artifacts would become the Master of Death." After losing my grandma, this came as a comfort almost; I know I cannot control death, but I already had the Hallows, so why not add the lore?


I got this tattoo a year ago on the day my grandma passed away; it is on my right ankle on the left hand side. I wanted it to have a flower theme like my grandpa's, and put what we called her in the middle. I stayed home and went to do fun things with Rachel; we actually got the phone call that she passed as I was getting this done. I did warn the artist - I told them that we were told our grandma would pass and that if we did get the news I would cry. He had to pause to give me a minute to lose it, and to compose myself. It still looks this vibrant.

There you have it - all six. I know that I will get more - I want one that says "Just Breathe" on my ribcage, at least. I have other ideas that haven't solidified yet - like rat paws on my shoulder where our rats perch. We'll see what the future holds.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the stories behind your tattoos. My great uncle got a tattoo of a cross on this forearm to remind him to remain calm and not get hotheaded when something bothered him.
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