Umbrella - Something that I consider useless. I have maybe two or three in my room, zero in my car. I hate the hassle of using it, and having to fold it up dripping wet. I hate that there is nowhere to put it, except with all of your stuff so that it, too, can get wet. I would rather wear a rain coat, or a jacket, or get soaking wet without either one, than to use an umbrella.

Unicorn - A mystical being; most likely modern day horses.

Universe - Vast, never ending. Beautiful.

Understanding - Something that comes with experience, or effort (for someone who has already experienced but cannot process).

Ugly - Something that does not exist. Beauty is all a matter of perception. No one is genuinely ugly in terms of appearence.

Ukelele - Baby guitar.

Unblock - Allowing someone to be part of your social media life after having them blocked for so long.

Utopia - The ultimate place of happiness.

Unglued/Unhinged - Someone having a psychotic episode.

Unstoppable - Doomsday; the villian from Superman.

Upbeat - Happy, or at least faking feeling okay.

Untouchable - People in corrupt positions within government/corporate companies.

Upchuck - Throwing up.

Unfazed - Not caring about something; being desensitised.

Unzip - To pull down one's zipper (for some reason I think about it being on pants).

Unjust - People going to prison for 21 years for drugs but getting no jail time for raping someone.

Uncuff - To release.

Updo - A really uncomfortable hair style that I've only ever worn to band banquets that makes me feel like my face is rounder than it is.

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