(W)ords Words Words

Words – Important, vital. I wish more people would choose theirs more carefully. They have the power to make or break someone, to validate, to respect, to tear down.

Wisdom – Something that comes from experience, and age.

Wonderful – Christmas, sunsets, watching fireworks with my grandmother, hearing the correct song at just the right moment.

Women – Strong creatures who can create humans and deal with way too much but handle it with grace and perseverance.

Walrus – Coo Coo Cachu

Whale – Majestic creature; huge, deadly.

Waiting – Horrible, time consuming; time usually wasted.

Wedding – A ceremony; just the beginning of something that needs to be worked on daily and is completely worth it.

Wasted – Super drunk; thrown away in a figurative sense.

Wiccan – Some of the best people that I have ever met. We are all part of each other; we should take care to treat each other with respect; we are of the earth.

Wilderness – Undeveloped land; there should be more.

Wander – “Not all who wander are lost.”

Wonder – To think of in passing.

Wasps – Terrifying flying creatures that can sting you.

Wash – To soak and make clean.

What the Hell/fuck – Two phrases that make up 50% of my daily vocabulary.

Wish – Something secret, yet important; a silent hope, or perhaps a prayer.

Wart – An annoying skin manifestation that never seems to go away. I had one on my right pinkie for two or three years before it suddenly decided that it wanted to disappear.

Worthless – A feeling that can tear a person to pieces.

Worthy – You. Everything you are, or do. You are worthy.

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