(Y)ellow Yaks Yodel and Yell

Yellow – A great song by Coldplay; an ugly color. I honestly just really hate the color yellow – it isn’t happy to me. It’s too bright and inappropriate.

Yell – Something I try not to do but end up doing often enough.

Yelp – A dog’s noise of pain. Or a crappy website with outdated numbers; you can’t find very many tow truck drivers on that website that are still driving tow trucks.

Yahtzee – One of the best games ever invented. I remember playing the classic version with my family when I was younger, I bought the Mario version a few years ago, and I got an electronic one for a holiday one year.

Yeast – As a word it makes me uncomfortable. I’ve used to make Challah bread; it was so delicious. There is a Jewish Holy Day where you eradicate all Yeast products from the house; the first year I celebrated it we took it to the extreme – my mom took all of the food to her friend’s so that we wouldn’t throw it away.

Yaks – A cousin to the buffalo.

Yodel – An annoying form of music. Also a fun card in Cards Against Humanity that is played often (“Inappropriate Yodeling”).

Yes – A word that people abuse. Say yes so that they don’t get mad – god forbid people get mad, god forbid you take care of yourself. I’ve been there; I’ve said yes to keep from getting into arguments. This is not healthy. Saying ‘No’ is a form of self-care. If you need help on learning, contact a psychiatrist in your area, or use google; there are plenty of ways to practice self-care and learn how to say NO from time to time.

Your/You’re – Your; yours, belonging to you. You’re; you are. Please, dear sweet god, spread this like wild fire so ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO USE THESE WRONG CAN LEARN THIS.

Yo-yo – A toy that I never quite got the hang of. I can make it go up and down but can’t get it to do very many tricks. The Yo-yo Man used to come in Elementary school and sell us Yo-yos; his visits were always fun.

Yowza! – A phrase the 11th Doctor tends to say. I associate with something sexual in terms of a person's appearence; he just says it when he gets excited about an every day thing or comes to a conclusion that is important.

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