(G)ames I Like

I have been played games my entire life. Here are some of my favorites...

Card Games - I actually collect the Pokemon cards that there seem to be TRILLIONS OF; I have a binder full of them as well as ten tins full of them. I used to play Bullshit with some girls at church camp (BS while we were there). I was really really good at Blackjack when I was younger but not so good now; when I went to the casino a few years ago I busted every time. I absolutely LOVE Uno, and James just bought Uno Dare for us to try. I really like Apples to Apples (we played that in high school band and music theory a few times, spanning an entire class period), but I have to say that Cards Against Humanity is the best kind of game in that category; our friend Jimmy has EVERY major expansion and we have spent many nights laughing our asses off at the hilarity that ensued, including New Years Eve of this past year.

Board Games - I adore Disney Scene It (and kick ass at it), and love Harry Potter Scene It. I love Clue (traditional and the Harry Potter Mystery at Hogwarts version); we just played the traditional one on our friend Halloween and had to use candy pieces in place of the weapons since we lost half of them. I love playing The Game Of Life; it's always fun to see where everyone ends up and I love it when I end up with multiple sets of twins or something like that. I found this new game called Hoot Owl Hoot (to go with my owl addiction) where everyone works together to get the baby owls from the start tile to their nest before the sun rises; it's like Candy Land except with baby owls (which is actually another game I really liked). I like playing Checkers, because I'm usually pretty good at it, and Connect Four (I beat my friend's husband at it recently while we were waiting for our Boba Tea). Though it may not fit here, I love Dominoes and wish that my grandma were still around for us to play with her; she knew every possible combination of dominoes that could be played at any given time - she won quite a bit. I like Monopoly (we played one time on Thanksgiving and I won, and we played a few years ago at New Year's time), but it usually ends up going too long for me. I love playing Sorry! as well; we used to play with Dad when we were younger and it was a lot of fun - though I prefer Disney Sorry to the classic one because of the characters present.

Computer Games - I don't actually play a whole lot on the computer. There are a few Facebook Games (Pearl's Peril, Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Cookie Jam, and Words Of Wonder). But what I can really spend hours on is Zoo Tycoon (I have two Zoos - The Safari Zone with all of the normal animals, and Jurassic Park with all of the Dinosaurs/Extinct Animals). The computer game I have been playing the longest is The Sims; my sister and I started with The Sims 2 on my desk top computer and have such an outlandish game going with so many different families that it makes my old computer laaaag. Now I play The Sims 3 religiously (in one town I started a family with James and I where we had like fourteen kids and those kids had kids etc for many generations).

Video Games - This is where I get in trouble. I started with a Gameboy that held Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Red, and eventually Pokemon Gold (I had other games too, but nothing really compared to them). Then there is the PlayStation 2, where I played Kingdom Hearts II on and beat the entire game. We have a Wii and really all I've played on it are Animal Crossing City Folk, and Pokepark I and II. Then I got a Nintendo DS (started playing Pokemon Heart Gold as well as some other smaller games). When I got my PlayStation 3 all hell broke loose. I fell in love with the Lego games (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, Batman 1-3, The Lord of The Rings), Red Dead Redemption, Call Of Duty (the multiplayer, not so much the campaign), and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix (playing through Kingdom Hearts for the first time!). Theeen my fiance gave me his purple Nintendo 3DS and more games entered my life - Animal Crossing New Leaf, Happy Home Academy, Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Rumble World, Fantasy Life, The Legend of Zelda - Link Between Worlds, and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (though I CAN GET POKEMON YELLOW AND RED AGAIN AND YOU BET THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN). On the X-Box 360, I've played Viva Pinata, Left 4 Dead (I and II), and Fable II.

Honestly I think that's it. What are some of your favorite games!?

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  1. I am certainly a gamer, I've played so many I'm considering it to be my theme for next AtoZ.
    Card Games, I used to collect Star Trek TNG and Star Wars. I love Dominion now more than any other card game and the Justice League card game. Chrononauts is also a fun card game, as is Apples to Apples. A new favourite of mine is Machi Koro. Any variation of Munchkin is also fun to play.
    'Board Games', would consist of Carcasonne, Mad Magazine, Trivial Pursuit and True Colours. I just picked up the Firefly game and so far have been having a lot of fun with that.
    For video games, I own a PS3 and my top games there would be anything Lego, the new Lego Dimenions is very fun to play too. Disney Infinity is also fun to play. When I'm really bored and have a lot of time on my hand, I've en been known to mess with Minecraft for awhile.
    On my phone, my top games are Yahtzee, Angry Birds and Clash of Clans.