(H)arry Potter

Books: I have been reading (and re-reading) the books since I was eleven years of age; I've read 1-4 six times each and 5-7 three times each. They were the only consistently solid thing in a life full of constant changes. They have taken me on multiple adventures and shaped me as a human, teaching me about love and friendship. I recently had the pleasure of reading the illustrated version of The Sorcerer's Stone, and that was like taking a breath of fresh air; I loved reading the UK version and seeing the gorgeous illustrations. I can't wait until The Chamber Of Secrets is released in its illustrated form, and I have already pre-ordered by copy of "The Cursed Child" - it should be here the day after it is released.

Movies: I remember seeing the first movie at the theater during one of my friend's (now deceased) birthday parties. We had a reserved section just for us and got an exclusive film strip from the movie (mine was from the Gringotts scene) that I still have somewhere around here. I watched the rest of them with a variety of people throughout the years - friends, family, significant others... They were something that I looked forward to for many years to come, actually catching a few at the midnight showings while dressed up like a crazy person. I don't care for the movies on the scale that I do the books, but it is still nice to be able to see the story come to life. I also enjoy answering all of my non-nerdy friends' questions about the series because the movies don't explain it so well, so I get to show off everything that I know; to quote the Internet meme, I know more about Harry Potter than U.S. History.

Growing up, I got my hands on whatever I could Harry Potter. Board games (Mystery At Hogwarts and Wizards Chess and Scene It), a trading card game booster pack, chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans... A magazine that specifically covered Harry Potter that came with temporary tattoos, a book interviewing J.K. Rowling, journals, the three companion books... Computer and video games... Hedwig Figurines and Funko Pops...

This series is where my love of owls developed, thanks to Hedwig, and later Errol and Pigwidgeon. It started off as an infatuation, and has become a full blown obsession over the years.

I am not ashamed. I love this series so much, and I feel like that if everyone read it, if everyone gave it a chance, their lives would be irrevocably changed as well, and for the better.

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