(I) Love You

When I was a kid, maybe around fourteen/fifteen, I thought that "I love you" should be reserved for special occasions and even more special people. I felt like I should say it to my family, and my boyfriends. I was actually taught in church that there are different kinds of love, and that it is okay to experience love as long as it was in the box they taught us about, and using whichever rules they set into place. I was told that love could not exist where their god wasn't

Now that I am older, I feel like my young belief about love was entirely, completely wrong. I've lost so many people within the past five years - friends, family members, pets - through people walking away and death claiming them. I have realized that love is entirely too short NOT to tell people that you love them. I tell everyone that I love that I truly do love them when I can, often. Before I leave I peek in to my sister's room and tell her sleeping form that I love her, tell my mom I'm leaving and that I love her, tell my dad on my way out the door, tell my fiance every day multiple times a day, tell whatever friends I can as I see them, tell my pets that I love and need them, and repeat the cycle of saying I love you to my family before I go to bed. I make love with my fiance to show him that he is still important (to me there is a distinct difference between sex and love, but I have come to understand that to him sex is a part of love).

In terms of religious, James and I aren't. We leave god out of our relationship and try to focus on us. Our wedding will be about us, our relationship about compromise and how to make each other the happiest we can. We will lift each other up with our love as the foundation.

Though I tell people every day that I love them, the showing part is always more difficult. Not because I can't, but because each person shows love and receives love differently. I do what I can when I can, giving my time, energy, money, presence and presents when I am able.

I feel like that love is one of the strongest and undervalued emotions that exists. I will forever try to make sure everyone I know feels loved, and do my best to let people I do not know how valuable they are.

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  1. I agree. Love isn't just a romantic thing. It should be special in that context, but with family and close friends, love should be freely stated!